I workout everyday, but not for the reason you may think…..

I stopped training to lose weight, and start training for me… and heres why.

After my first year of university i had put on weight, and after trying and failing on multiple diets and shakes and detoxes i decided to take the summer as a perfect opportunity to eat better,move more and bust the pounds -and i did. After years of yo-yo dieting through my teens i finally started to see the weight fall off and that pushed me to keep going, my second year of university was spend with people telling me how good i looked and during  a sports trip to Spain i received multiple compliments on my lean physique and how much weight i had lost, understandably this makes you feel great, but do you know what doesn’t make you feel great; not going out with your friends as you know there won’t be anything you can eat, missing the night out because alcohol is empty calories and you can’t be ‘ruining’ all the progress, counting every calorie in every meal to make sure nothing goes a gram over!


Yes, I looked great, I was super lean,all my clothes fit perfectly and everything i bought looked good on- Id never experienced that before. But i.was.miserable. I look back now over all the things i missed but more then that i think back to how much food and workout out was the ONLY thing on my mind, I genuinely, hand on heart thought about nothing else.

I had decided that my self worth should be based on my waist line and not WHO i actually was. that was my choice, when someone said i looked good it made me feel good and thats all that mattered to me- I look back now and just feel sad that that was me.


So what changed? IT WASN’T SUSTAINABLE! Of course i couldn’t keep up that leanness and such a low calorie diet, cutting out EVERYTHING that was seen as ‘bad food.’ I stopped isolating myself and started to relax a bit, at first i felt guilty, i felt like i was letting myself go and after so many people had said how good i looked i didn’t want to be seen out after ‘letting myself go’ but then i realised, I was healthy, my lifestyle was balanced and my workout routine was spot on. I could like heavy and run far ( Completing a half marathon) So yes, my abs don’t pop anymore and my face is a little chubbier ( my cheeks especially ) but that doesn’t change my worth, Im still me, and more then that i actually go out for those work drinks, i have a take away with my flat mate and i go out for that glass of wine with my friends ( or the 6 glasses of wine)

So now ? Now i workout everyday,but i work out for how it makes me feel, sometimes i go on the cross trainer for 20 minutes then leave the gym, other times i do well over an hour on intense lifting and muscle building work. But i know do not go to work to look good, i go because it makes me feel good, and i don’t pressure myself or punish myself if i don’t make it. Fitness is a massive part of my day to day life, working out gives me serious focus at work and lets my relieve stress and also become mentally and physically stronger. I work now on my strength and also I work on being as healthy as  possible.


Falling into the pit of obsessing over weight loss can be so easy to get into, but i had no life, my life was calories counting ,macro counting and not letting myself workout for less then 30 mins. This isn’t real life and i can tell you right now- you will regret all the times you missed and all the times you had a bad day after eating one piece of chocolate. i seriously regret guilt tripping myself into ruining a day because of something ‘bad’ i ate.

So if your training to look good to other people.. forget it, it won’t last and you won’t be happy, how do i know? because i did it… and i was F***ing miserable!


POST CHALLENGE: Go to the gym with no real plan just one training day this week… when you get in the gym see how you feel and train for that feeling! Feeling like not doing much? do a 15 min jog

want to try focusing on strength instead of the standard fat loss cardio? Go for it!

Don’t want to go to the gym? DONT! Go for a walk with you your friends and grab a coffee!





So, what is the best workout ever? In my opinion, working out with other people is hands down the best kind of workout, and not just for the social aspect but for the motivation and drive and team work aspect…. It can help you in other parts of your life as well as help you drastically in weightloss and here is the 3 reasons why….


Reason 1. YOU CANT BAIL. Its much harder to bail on your friend who is waiting for you at the gym, or who is heading over to your place for that run you’ve had plans all week  then it is to bail on yourself. Infact, when working out on your own its very easy to convince yourself not to work out; too tired, don’t have enough time, not feeling it.

Tip: Plan 2 workouts with others  every week, Two is an easy commitment to stick to while and also if you commit to the same days and places to meet you create a routine, which then becomes part of your week naturally.


Reason 2. YOU’LL PUSH EACH OTHER. I go to the gym 4 times a week on my own and 2 times with others and my two sessions with others i 100% push myself more than when I’m alone.This may be because you are competitive, and going with someone will help you always try and beat each other. However if you aren’t competitive going with someone is EQUALLY as beneficial to motivate you. I have so many session where i just stop because I’m feeling unmotivated, but when i go with other people who can support you you get a real buzz.

Hit a slump in your workouts ? Going with someone else changes the whole dynamic of the session and make it feel different to any other session you’ve been doing.


Reason 3. IT’LL GET YOU OUT THE FITNESS PLATO.  Running out of workouts ? Tried a 100 times to get to the gym and always fail at the final hurdle ? Feel like your workouts not very good ? Go with someone who knows what they are doing! So many times i have thought ‘ if only i had a personal trainer’ then i started going to the gym with people i knew KNEW what they were doing we shared workouts and learnt by doing so.


So yes, it can be intimidating asking someone to go to the gym with you,especially if your not comfortable at the gym or comfortable with how you look and your fitness level. BUT trust me, do one, just one workout with someone else and tell you did enjoy it ! it helps with motivation, workout tips and ideas, routine and makes working out and losing weight FUN!….. yes fun!

IT DOES’NT HAVE TO BE IN THE GYM! Its equally as benifical   and fun to call up your friends and see if they want to go try rock climbing or dance class or a long walk somewhere nice! Workouts don’t need to be in the gym. When you can turn a workout into something that doesn’t feel like work- Thats when it is the best.


So here’s the next step .Pick up your phone, text your friend, see what they’re doing tomorrow and go workout together…. and then let me know how it goes.


This week i called up two of my friends i hadn’t seen in ages, asking if they wanted to go to the gym… we had the best time and motivated each other constantly. Check out the video below and you can steal the work out too!




My 5 tips for a healthy morning routine….

The Single most effective thing i have done to keep on my fitness track? My morning routine.

One of the main reason i am really focused and motivated at the moment is the 5 things i have been doing every morning without fail. I can not rave about them enough for mentally preparing yourself for the day, clearing your mind, energising yourself and organising yourself. I have been doing this routine and it has changed how my whole day.

The VERY first thing i do in the morning as soon as i wake up….

* DRINK A GLASS OF WATER: I can not advocate this enough. I leave a glass of water next to my bed when i go to sleep, ready for the morning. Not only does it kick start your metabolism and digestion it stimulates your brain and the one that everyone forgets- Its a natural energy boost!

Next up….

* DONT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE: The majority of us open our eyes in the morning and instantly check our social media feeds. Before we even start our day we dive into other peoples lives. We don’t even give ourselves time to just be in the moment in the morning. Recently i have been setting my alarm to walk up at 6:50 am then setting another alarm at 7:30am, In that 40 minute slot i DONT LOOK AT MY PHONE until the second alarm goes off. It allows me to wake up normally and for my mind to just be in the moment and wake up. It also allows me to be self aware, how can you know how your feeling in the morning if you instantly kick your own life to the side and start giving time to other peoples lives. On top of that we delve into social media, a world were everybody is showcasing their best lives, not their reality of their lives, how can that be good mentally!? Its not- So even if its just for 15mins, STAY AWAY.

After this…..

* MAKE YOUR BED: Sounds standard right? But it does wonders for your mind, by making your bed properly it subconsciously tells your brain that you have successful completed the first task of the day, and if you can complete that task, you can compete the rest of the tasks for that day, and that has given me such a positive little boost everyday,also you get to come home to a bed that is made- Perfect right? It also adds to this little thing i call ‘thank you past me.’ I know it sounds silly but its something i have started to think about more recently, Instead of putting stuff off that your future self will inevitable have to do later and probably in a much more stressful last minute situation, get it done and later, remember to think back at those moment and how much better it was to do them for your future self rather than leave it- Slightly off track but honestly, give it a go.


*SIT DOWN FOR BREAKFAST & WRITE TO DO LIST: Every morning I write myself a MANAGEABLE todo list for the day, writing out the key aims i want to achieve that day. Nows, I saw manageable as its so easy to write such a massive list, which makes you feel good in that moment, but then when you look back at it and you haven’t managed to do 70% of it- ITS DISHEARTENING.I usually limit my list to about 5 KEY tasks i need to do. Oh your too busy to write a list? You can’t get away from it that easily, when i don’t have as much time in the morning i tend to voice note my to do list, i really like doing this as i like to listen back on my way home from work on reflect on it and the tasks from that day, what would i have done differently ? What am i proud of from that day? What could we potentially put on the list tomorrow ? Its such a great tool and helps you organise your day and visualise the tasks of the day, before you’ve even left the house.

And Finally?

*TELL YOURSELF ITS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY AND BELIEVE IT: Now i know how stupid and ‘fluffy’ this sounds but mentally, it’ll change your day. In a recent study it was discovered that a large majority of people who were told ‘you look like you’re having a bad day.’ record themselves having a bad day later in the day- That is so powerful to me! I think we really underestimate the power of positive mental attitude.Every morning before I walk out the front door I tell myself that no matter what happens, I’m going to have a good day. Because one of my biggest beliefs is that happiness is a choice, so my biggest tip for the morning is to choose to be happy and to tell yourself ‘This is going to be a good day’ just before you leave the house, no matter how you feel…. It’ll change your whole day and maybe even your year….

Have some tips yourself? PLEASE let me know! Comment and lets tip swap!



Healthy, easy & affordable overnight Oats



The best part? It’s easy and cheap!

High protein and high carb while being low in fat. Start your day right!
½ tablespoon cinnamon
½ cup of oats
1 cup of coconut milk (add this slowly and stop when desired consistency is reached)
1 scoop of protein powder
Handful of frozen berries
-Mix all ingredients together and leave overnight
MACROS (estimated through MyFitnessPal): CARB: 47G / FAT:6G / PROTEIN: 30G
Going to try the recipe? or have one thats EVEN better? LETS SHARE!

Run away for a week…..




I’d always wanted to run away from how i felt about my body, so last week- I did.

Everyday for a week i got up ( reluctantly) put on my trainers, and ran. Every morning before work i left the house at 6am and ran 5k to see how it would make me feel mentally and physically.


The reason i wanted to start this challenge was because recently, i had really fallen off my health and fitness path and lost a lot of motivation. I wanted to jump back on the health and fitness path and to start it, i wanted to challenge myself!

DAY 1: Getting out of bed was HORRIBLE!  but i did it, the first steps were taken!!  As soon as i had finished running i felt so good, and like i had achieved something before it was even 8am! It honestly made the start to my day so much more productive and my head genuinely felt clearer.(31 MINS)

Day 2: I thought it was supposed to get easier!? this run was hard! i did have to stop half way through, I’ve always struggled with the mental barrier when running- Hitting the wall i think they call it. but after stopping and walking for a minute or so i carried on and still felt just as good at the end, it made me realise that even if you are not feeling great or if your workout isn’t a good one, its still better than not doing a workout at all.(33.24 MINS)

Day 3: this was one of those feelin good runs. I was fully in the routine and felt great in comparison to my run the day before, i bet my time by 1 minute and again, the run just cleared my head for the day and put me in such a good head space!(30.36 MINS)

Day 4: PODCAST ON- JOG ON. on all my runs i decided to listen to a different podcast, i found this really helpful to take my mind of the fact i was running! But also it was amazing to listen to a good podcast as it felt like i was killing 2 birds with one stone, learning something new and getting my run in! On day 4 I listened to the Girl Gains podcast ‘Fit and fearless.’ Unreal- Give it a listen.(29.22 MINS)

Day 5: A partner in Crime! Today my best friend and flatmate joined me and i really saw the benefit of working with someone else, with each other to run next to ( Silently as who can talk and run!?) we both achieved one of our fastest 5k times! woooo yeahhhh. When we got back we were full of energy tidying the flat to some 90’s tunes.(28.34 MINS)

Day 6: OK- MY LEGS HURT. So this one was hard my legs were tired from the week but i just kept going, i took it easier and didn’t run for time, i just ran to run. No pressure on myself and it felt great. It didn’t matter the time just that i did it.(30.23 MINS)

Day 7:  REGRETTING THE WINE. So i stupidly went out on Saturday- yeah good one Sophie.Any other day i would not have got out of bed all day. But i did it and it really did make me feel better, i mean not great after wine and dancing all night but better then if  i sat on my arse all day.(29.45 MINS)

Conclusion; I went into the challenge of running 5k a day purely for the physical benefits but i came away benefitting more from it mentally. I felt so much more energised every morning and my head felt so much clearer. Plus, even when i had to stop and my time was slower at the end i still felt just as good, it really made me realise that just going out and doing is better than the time you get.The best part, it got me away from disliking how i looked and made me thankful for my body. I have strong legs that can run and i should be thankful for that, I should want to get stronger not skinnier and that has been such a revelation for me.

MY TOP TIP: Listening to a podcast was the really highlight of my week! I felt like i was completing two tasks at the same time and learning!

Podcasts : WOMENS HOUR

I can't advocate it enough and will definetly carry on running.My head feels clearer and my body feels stronger…


The Challenge Begins

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Welcome to my blog, I’ve always wanted to create a space in which i can share my fitness challenges,goals and all the diffrent health and fitness routines I try out.

But i thought, how can i make it a community space?


After a real plato in my fitness regime and a healthy eating of recent I’ve decide to try a new challenge every week to keep myself motivated but also to create this blog- to keep myself accountable!

Each week i will be trying out a different healthy and fitness mini challenge so then i can tell YOU all about it, the benefits and the downsides. 

You can also follow some of my go to easy, cheap and idiot proof recipes and my go to workouts.

Like a lot of people i work a full time job and little spare money to hand so all my challenges, recipes, workouts and product shout outs are all affordable and tine savy- you’re so welcome.

This page is a community in which we can all empower one another so feel free to message me, give me a challenge you’d like to see, any ideas you have and let ME know about YOUR work outs and recipes and after every challenge- I challenge you to try it out too! 

Im certainly no fitness expert or nutrisionist so all these challenges will be just that …challenges, I live by the philosophy that to grow we have to step out our comfort zones, but truthfully sometimes, i don’t practise what i preach, so nows the time to start living by that and i’ll take you along with me… 

My promise for Sophie’s place? everything is going to be honest, in-depth and organic. 


Sophie x 

You are the only you there ever was or will be.